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Oxford Holiday Committee’s eighth annual Recycled Holiday Ornament contest - 2011

The Oxford Holiday Committee’s eighth annual Recycled Holiday Ornament contest winners were announced by the honorable Oxford Village Mayor, Terry Stark at the Tree Lighting Ceremony on November 27, 2011. All 51 ornament entries from 26 Oxford Academy Primary School students are considered winners, and received Certificates of Recognition as a show of gratitude; however, place awards in each grade were selected.

Gift certificate prizes were from Oxford merchants - Big Blue/Valero for a two-topping pizza, the Oxford Coffee House for hot chocolates topped with whipped cream, and Hoppie’s ice cream parlor for small ice cream sundaes. In addition, the DEC donated pencils made of recycled newspaper, keepsake mugs of recycled material, NY Recycles 2012 calendars and ecology activity books for prizes.

Students received their personalized ‘Certificates of Recognition’, place award prizes and DEC gifts in school. The document states that, “…while you were having fun creating something from waste materials, you were also learning that if you’re clever, sometimes trash can be reused. This is what environmental conservation is all about.”

The students who showed outstanding creativity and an exceptional understanding of the concept of recycling are:

  • In Pre-K, First Place: Nate Capria for his snowman with a glittering "rockstar" hat
  • Second Place: Tyler Buchetto for his cardboard loop star with blue pipecleaners
  • Third Place: Kameran Franklin for the cardboard Christmas tree
  • In Kindergarten, First Place: Christopher Seminera for his cardboard snowman.
  • Second Place: Alyssa Dunckel for her reindeer.
  • Third Place: Justin Chesebro for his 45 record wreath.
  • In First Grade, First Place: Jadyn Ruff for her ornament with plastic cutlery
  • Second Place: Hailey Fleury for her paper napkin baby doll
  • Tie: Third Place: Owen Capria for his snowman
  • Also in Third Place: Bailey Chesebro for her light bulb Christmas angel
  • In Second Grade, First Place: Tricia Bohannon for her bread bag tabs ornament
  • Second Place: Sylvia Meres for her shoulder pad angel
  • Third Place: Mallory Olsen-Nichols for her straw snowflake
  • In Third Grade, First Place: Jaden Moore for her milk jug basket
  • Second Place: Natalie Barrows for her paper animal ornament.
  • In Fourth Grade, First Place: Makayla Whaley for her Santa’s Helper penguin
  • Second Place: Jonah Loughren for his Coca-Cola polar bear

Students will receive their personalized ‘Certificates of Recognition’, gift certificates and DEC gifts in school. The document states that, “…while you were having fun creating something from waste materials, you were also learning that if you’re clever, sometimes trash can be reused. This is what environmental conservation is all about.”

The DEC also generously donated pencils (of recycled materials) and an environmental activity booklet, for all entering students.

Don’t miss seeing these Recycled Holiday Ornaments on display for the month of December in the window of 6 On The Square (6OTS), a performing arts center and gallery in Oxford at 6 LaFayette Park. Also in the window is the Oxford high school students’ “junk” sculpture to celebrate Oxford Recycles Month. Participating in the same spirit are the Oxford Head Start students whose ornaments are on display in their classroom.

The Holiday Committee gives a very big thank you to Village Mayor Stark who proclaimed November as Oxford Recycles Month, to the DEC for giving this contest statewide recognition, to the supportive Oxford businesses: Woollybear Web, 6OTS, Hoppies, The Oxford Coffee Shop, and Big Blue, to all the students, and to principal, Ms. Laytham, art teachers Katie Thomas and Joni Eaton and to the teachers and parents for all their support. Thank you all for making this such a success!

01_t-buchetto_upk.jpg 02_t-buchetto_upk.jpg 03_t-buchetto_upk.jpg 04_t-buchetto_upk.jpg 05_n-capria_upk.jpg
06_k-franklin_upk.jpg 07_j-chesebro_k.jpg 08_a-dunckel_k.jpg 09_a-dunckel_k.jpg 10_j-finch_k.jpg
11_j-finch_k.jpg 12_j-finch_k.jpg 13_j-finch_k.jpg 14_j-finch_k.jpg 15_l-oliver_k.jpg
16_b-reynolds_k.jpg 17_c-seminera.jpg 18_o-capria_1st.jpg 19_o-capria_1st.jpg 19b_o-capria_1st.jpg
20_o-capria_1st.jpg 21_b-chesebro_1st.jpg 22-23_j-finch_1st.jpg 24_j-finch_1st.jpg 25_j-finch_1st.jpg
26_r-finnegan_1st.jpg 27_h-fleury_1st.jpg 28_h-fleury_1st.jpg 29_h-fleury_1st.jpg 30_h-fleury_1st.jpg
31_h-fleury_1st.jpg 32_h-fleury_1st.jpg 33_h-fleury_1st.jpg 34_j_northup_1st.jpg 35_k_gallo_1st.jpg
36_e-kelsey_1st.jpg 37_e-kelsey_1st.jpg 38_j-ruff_1st.jpg 39_t-bohannon_2nd.jpg 40_k-franklin_2nd.jpg
41_s-meres_2nd.jpg 42_s-meres_2nd.jpg 43_s-meres_2nd.jpg 44_s-meres_2nd.jpg 45_s-meres_2nd.jpg
46_m-olsen-nichols_2nd.jpg 46b_m-olsen-nichols.jpg 47_n-barrows_3rd.jpg 48_j-moore_3rd.jpg 49_j-loughren_4th.jpg


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May 26, 9:30 AM, Post 376 Memorial Day Parade stepping off at American Legion Post 376.

May 28, 7 PM, Annual Meeting of Riverview Cemetery Association at Library.

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June 10, 7 PM, Oxford Historical Society presents Linda Lewis-Moors Habitat volunteer who went to New Orleans. Held at Oxford Historical Museum-Depot.

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