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Oxford, NY today
Oxford is an historic village, incorporated in 1808, of beautiful old homes, churches and well-kept parks.

Other Activities in Oxford, NY
6 On The Square has become a major center for folk music featuring some of the best-known singer/songwriters (such as recording artists: The Burns Sisters& more) from all over the US and Europe.

Dining in Oxford, NY
Feeling hungry? Peckish, looking for a bite? Oxford has all sorts of tasty choices--take a look!

Oxford, NY
Lodging, inns and motels in and around the Oxford, NY area.

Outdoor activities in and around Oxford, NY
Scenic park roads wind through evergreen and hardwood forests to shady campsites.

Shopping in and around Oxford, NY
A stroll around Oxford will reveal a great many antiques and gift shops. If you're looking to buy something for someone special, get ready, because we're going shopping!

Walking Tour of Historic Homes in Oxford, NY
St. Paul's Episcopal Church was constructed in 1857 with stone from local quarries according to plans of Henry C. Dudley, noted church architect.

Walking Tour of Historic Homes in Oxford, NY
The Bank Building was built for the First National Bank of Oxford in 1894 from a Richardson Romanesque Isaac Perry design with facings of bluestone from the Oxford quarries.


Promote Oxford Now members
Oxford, New York is a small village nestled beside the Chenango River midway between Binghamton and Utica, in the heart of Chenango County, and is a village of beautiful old homes, churches and well-kept parks.

Doing Business in Oxford, NY
Oxford provides excellent opportunities for businesses to grow and flourish. Our climate, abundance of available resources, attractive real estate pricing and relatively low taxes make relocating your business to the area a smart move.

Promote Oxford Now
It was then that Promote Oxford Now was created. PON, as it came to be known, also attempted to bring in people to Oxford, to improve local business, and beautify the town that they were already proud of.

Promote Oxford Now signup
PON is an organization, mostly made up of local business people, that seeks to promote the Oxford business community, to recognize and maintain its historic nature and to respect its hometown character and culture.


Community of Oxford, NY
Community is often defined as a group of people working towards a common goal. Nothing is closer to the truth when it comes to the people of Oxford.

The Post Office Oxford, NY
The Oxford Post Office, was built in 1939-40 during the Franklin D. Roosevelt era. It is one of a large group of, 143, New York State post offices that has been put on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Library in Oxford, NY
The Oxford Memorial Library was once the home of Theodore Burr, the famous builder of covered bridges, and inventor of the patented Burr Truss. The Burr House was constructed about 1809 by Mr. Burr as a home for his family.


Government information for Oxford, NY
The Village government is responsible for the 'downtown' and nearby area, while the Town government is responsible for the surrounding countryside, encompassing a much wider area.


Town of Oxford, NY
Town Information for Oxford New York

Village Information Oxford, NY
Village Information for Oxford New York

Policies and Procedures, Village of Oxford, NY
Guide to Village of Oxford New York -- Policies & Procedures

Village Services Oxford, NY
Water and Sewer Utilities, Department of Public Works, Police Department, Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Squad.

Safety information Oxford, NY
Public Safety in Oxford New York


Tree Board home Oxford, NY
Oxford Village Tree Board The Oxford Village Tree Board studies and provides recommendations regarding trees, shrubs and other plantings on Village-owned property. The Tree Board also works to promote and preserve trees, shrubs, and plantings; they regulate the planting, transplanting, maintenance, removal & protection of trees and shrubs in the Village to ensure their health and safety. ...

Tree Board History Oxford, NY
Tree Board History By the 1980's a situation had developed in the Village of Oxford regarding the trees. Various groups and civic organizations had worked independently solving smaller needs, but not looking at the whole Village and its future. Back in the late 1800's North and South Washington and Albany Streets had a dense tree canopy formed of Elms and Maples. Now many of the Elms were destroyed by Dutch Elm Disease, and the Maples had either died or declined in health due to their environment. ...

Tree Board Today Oxford, NY
Tree Board Today and Memorials Today the Oxford Village Tree Board has planted over 200 trees. The Village has a budget allocated for a certain number of trees planted annually. They even have their own tree nursery located on South Washington Avenue (behind Head Start). Approximately 30 trees are growing there, awaiting maturity, when they can be planted among the specially selected trees in the Village. ...

Street Trees Oxford, NY
Street Trees Ginko and Honey Locust Trees planted along LaFayette Park were carefully chosen for this location "Street Trees", the trees planted between the "sidewalk to curb", are not personal trees. They're intended to provide shade and cover for paved surfaces, reducing run-off and reflected heat. Street trees also improve the curb appeal of the neighborhood, known to increase real estate values (as much as 20%). ...

Awards Oxford, NY
Awards and Accomplishments In 2005 Mayor Terry Stark received Oxford's 2nd Tree City USA Growth Award Oxford has been named a "Tree City USA" by the National Arbor Day Foundation since 1993, receiving a leaf each year since, honoring its commitment to its community forest. In 2006, only 117 communities in all of New York State have earned this proud designation, and Oxford was one of them. In 1997, Oxford was awarded with the National Arbor Day Foundation "Growth Award". ...

Tree City USA Oxford, NY
Tree City USA Designation and Arbor Day In 1993, the Oxford Village Tree Board officially joined "Tree City USA" having Arbor Day Celebrations with the support of the National Arbor Day Foundation (in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters). Tree City USA requires towns to: plant trees; encourage individuals to plant and care for trees to enrich the environment; and expand the awareness of the need for tree planting and care by increasing publicity about Arbor Day and the number of people who celebrate it. ...


Oxford, NY Recycled Ornament contest
On Sunday, November 28th, Mayor Terry Stark announced the names of the Oxford Academy Primary school award recipients at the Holiday Tree Lighting on the Park ceremony.

Schools in Oxford, NY
Oxford Academy is a long established educational institution, chartered by the State of New York in 1794, as a private school. Located in the geographic heart of Chenango County, today the Academy is a public school where 950 students from the Oxford/McDonough area currently attend.

Time Capsule for Oxford Schools
Enclosures for a special time capsule were announced on June 12th, 2004, during the

Oxford, NY: Boname Scholarship
The Mat and Altha boname scholarship has been established in the oxford academy to honor Dr. M. G. his late wife Altha, which helped many students further their education.

Blackhawk Alumni Association Oxford, NY
The Oxford Blackhawks Alumni Association (OBAA) wants to be an integral part of the community and help in promoting Oxford through their events. OBAA is gathering information on all Oxford Graduates to put into their own database.



Oxford, NY
The Finger Lakes Trail is a beautiful trail system, or network of footpaths, which runs continuously from east to west across new york state.

Oxford, NY
On March 4th, 2004, NYS DEC Commissioner Erin M. Crotty announced fishing regulation proposals that would effect angling in several (fresh) waters across NY state, including our Chenango River.


Historic Origins of Oxford, NY
Oxford is one of the townships of the

History of Oxford, NY: Fort Hill
Evidence of a Native American tribe called the Antones, who belonged to the Tuscarora Nation, may have been the builders of a mound on 2 1/2 acres, called Fort Hill in Oxford.

Notable historical residents of Oxford, NY
The father of the settlement 1758-1811. benjamin hovey was born in oxford, ma, on september 12th, 1758. as a young athletic adult, he didn't let his limited education stand way. strong, smart and most importantly, ambitious.


Oxford, NY: Agriculture information
The village of Oxford, incorporated April 6, 1808, is located in one of the most charmingly developed farming districts in Chenango County, and lies in a narrow valley closely hemmed in by green rounded hills whose contour clearly betrays the glacial action of past ages.

Oxford, NY: Learning about Agriculture
Learning about Agriculture: Children's little thumbs can start to

Oxford, NY: Agriculture today
Having a farm today to support a family, and hopefully make a decent profit, means: hard work, good marketing, management skills, and keeping politically informed.


Organizations and Clubs in Oxford, NY
Organizations and clubs of the Oxford New York area.

Youth Groups and Organizations
Youth Groups and Organizations in and around Oxford, NY


Churches in and around Oxford, NY
Churches in and around the Oxford, New York area


Health Care in Oxford, NY
Health care professionals in and around the Oxford, NY area

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Oxford, NY
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Saturdays 9 - 12PM Oxford Farmers' Market in LaFayette Park. Sept. 26, in the Bandstand, Hammerle Hill Fiddlers from McDonough!

Now-thru-Nov. 21, Art from the Impish Grin Exhibit -Cynthia and Jared Gorman at 6 On The Square.

Sept. 25, 7:30 PM Seth Glier Trio at 6 On The Square.

Sept. 27, 2-4 PM New York Harvest Fundraiser a tasty fundraiser at 6 On The Square. Sample the bounty of local foods, wines, and beers to support 6OTS programming.

Sept. 29, 7 PM Drumming Circle at 6 On The Square.

Thursdays at 6:30 PM, Rotary Club Meeting (every Thurs.) at American Legion Post #376.

Oct. 3, 7:30 PM The Grand Slambovians at 6 On The Square.

Oct. 3, noon-3 PM, Thank You Veterans Luncheon at Legion Post 376 sponsored by Chenango County ALA. Free soup and sandwich for vets; guest speakers; certificates; etc.

Oct. 3 & 17, Nov. 7 & 21, 7:30 PM, Karaoke at Legion Post 376. Open to public. (1st & 3rd Saturday/mo.)

Oct. 11, 7 PM David Francey at 6 On The Square.

Oct. 24, 7:30 PM Christine DeLeon at 6 On The Square.

Oct. 31, 8 PM Brooks Williams at 6 On The Square.

Nov. 7, 7:30 PM Ellis Paul and Peter Mulvey at 6 On The Square.

Nov. 11, 2015, 10 AM, OIDC meets (every 2nd Wednesday, quarterly in Feb., May, Aug., & Nov.) at Village Hall.

Nov. 21, 7:30 PM Rockwood Ferry at 6 On The Square.

2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 7 PM, Lions Club Meeting at Fred's Inn Restaurant.

Thursdays "Trapshooting Thursdays" at the Oxford Rod & Gun Club. Check with them for scheduled times.

3rd Mon/month, 7 PM, A.L. Legionnaires Meet at Legion Post 376.

2nd Mon/month; new time!, 6:30 PM, AL Auxiliary Unit 376 meets at Legion Post 376. (No mtg in Jan, July, Aug.)

1st Wed/monthly, 7:00 PM, American Legion's SAL Meets at Post 376. (Not in Jan. or Feb.).

2nd Saturday/month, 5-7 PM, Second Saturday Spaghetti Dinner at St. Paul's Church./em>

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