The Travelers Book Club

C/o Sandy Dain--President
4458 State Hwy. Rte. 12
Oxford, NY 13830
(607) 843-6100
The Travelers Book Club meets once-a-month, on the last Monday of the month, at 7:30pm. Each member signs up to be a hostess or give a book review. Book categories/topics are the choice of the program presentor. A yearly schedule is handed out at the September social.

Membership: Currently there are 22 active Travelers Book Club members, and nine (9) associate members. New members are by invitation, by an active group member, only. Locations are held at the homes of member's, on a rotating basis. The evening consists of a short meeting, a book review and social time with dessert. Annual Dues: $10.00/person.

History: The Travelers Club was formed in the Fall of 1892. It began under the name of the Columbian Literary Club. Membership was confined to the East side of the River. After eight years, the club's name was changed to the Travelers Club.
The Travelers Club Program of 1899-1900: Roll call- answer with a quotation; Minutes; Course Reader; Current Events; Discussion; Query Box; & Criticisms.

The Club supports reading in the community by giving scholarships and books to the Library. They give a yearly prize to a middle school child to encourage reading, and to the primary school library.
In 2004, the Travelers' Christmas Project is to buy books for all the Christmas baskets.

Upcoming Major Event: The 2004 Annual Travelers Book Club Picnic will be held Monday, July 26th.

The Travelers Book Club Officers: Sandy Dain - President; Vice-President - Joy Coletta; Secretary - Carol Anderson; & Treasurer - Ann Hodge.