Family Taking a Walk

Community is often defined as a group of people working towards a common goal. Nothing is closer to the truth when it comes to the people of Oxford. There are quite a few groups in our area that donate their time and effort to the enrichment of others as well as the beautification of our town and its environment.

From organizations that see to landscaping and hanging plants in the downtown area, to business groups looking to improve and attract commerce in the area, we have a diverse and wonderful population here in Oxford. We have numerous school related organizations, and one of the finest education systems in the Northeast, with a long history of academic achievement.

Why not visit for a while, shop a bit, relax in the shade and see what we've all known here for a long time. Oxford, New York is a community, united for the common good of all. In a Letter to the Editor of The Evening Sun, dated Feb. 8th, 2005, a former resident wrote why she thinks Oxford is Priceless. This letter says some of the things we've been trying to say, and a little bit more.
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